[AFK] is currently recruiting new friends to game with…

We prefer to game with adult players that know each other, and enjoy gaming and hanging out. [AFK]’s priorities for our members is friendship, a place to relax and have fun, not about someone’s fragrate or achievements. I cannot stress enough that we are about friendship and having a adult place to hang out. We are very particular as to who we allow to be a part of our family. So it should be no surprise we are a invite only group.

Our goal is to have steady friends that potentially turn into [AFK] members. We have a long history together and we look forward to building friendships that last. We are not interested in potential members that like swapping clan tags weekly, have a history of cheating, think they need to run AFK, and lack a sense of humor. We do not run a politically correct organization here either. Sometimes things said on our voice server can be explicit at times and if you are a sensitive person who is easily offended then this may not be for you. Just because we do not allow racial comments in the chat of our game server doesn't mean things are not said elsewhere. But if you are someone who can take a joke as well give one you might just fit in well here.

You must have the ability to join us on TeamSpeak3 and be 25+ years old. Once you join us on TS3 and we get to know each other, you may or may not be contacted for membership. We do not rush our choices so do not expect a invite to happen in a month. If you get a invite you have been here a while. A good gauge would be you will most likely have most of our voices memorized in TS, usually know our playing times, and personalities. These things do not happen in a week or 2. If we don't know you it will be extremely hard to become a member of AFK. So come on in our teamspeak and get to know everyone.

For more information about [AFK], join our forums and introduce yourself. Or join our TeamSpeak 3 server introduce yourself, get to know the guys, ask questions, and have some fun. To join us click -->