VIP Membership Application

By signing up here and making the committed payment you will receive these benefits on [AFK] game servers.

1. Immune from !Punish - Non VIP members will not be able to punish VIP members through the !punish command. Also VIP members cannot punish other VIP members.

2. Reserved List/Aggressive Join - All VIP members will be ignored as Aggressive Join looks to make room for another VIP member to join the server. This feature no longer makes you wait in Queue. You will join the server, full or not. No waiting if need be at a random non-VIP players expense.


This is an application to become a VIP Player only on America's Finest Killers gaming servers.

Number of [AFK] servers may change without notice.

VIP does not make you a member of the [AFK] Clan.

This does not make you an administrator

VIP Plans
Your exact BF4 game name here

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Your all done! 

Allow up to 48 hours for the membership status to be applied.