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Wall Of Shame

Everyone welcome Trint68, he has just admitted he couldn't hang with the players in our server on his own skills.


Enjoy your ban it matches the one you have in BF3.

AFK is back!
I am sure many of our followers have noticed as of late we have had a whirlwind month. It has been nothing short of wild and catastrophic. Just a short run down of the events that have engulfed AFK could cause a person to start drinking. But unlike some we stayed the course and worked our way through what was suppose to be a single surprise for the clan.

For years, actually since AFK started, we have made our own website. Yes we had really next to zero experience, but we made it work and thrived as a clan in those days. Now we are quite popular and are seen by many. Considering that and how we wanted a website the clan could be proud of several of the leaders stepped up and we had a new site built. This was to be the one and only surprise to AFK.

Little did we know that we were right in the beginning stages of the new website when we encountered some server issues that could not be ignored. During a ongoing discussion with our server provider they clearly misunderstood a request and wiped our entire server, and out of thin air decided we needed a new one in New York. This huge error on their part had us completely over loaded as 2 of the Council members are out due to real life circumstances. Again our diligence payed off as the rest of us worked late into the night many nights to get this back on track.

Today as I write this our commitment stays strong to bring the community the best Hardcore BF4 gaming it has seen. We did complete the upgrade to a new killer website. We did change server providers and now use Fragnet. Hopefully this got our game server issues corrected. Our server is back in Chicago as it almost always has been. However we did lose our game server rankings from the server. It was a huge task to get everything back, we worked hard at it. With all the other things going on we asked for some assistance. Thanks to some fellow gamer friends these services were brought back on line quite quickly with the very much appreciated help from Dudenell and adnoble the leaders from the RufClan.

Now that we are back online as always we are doing all we can to prevent cheats. We have added ACI LiveSecure and still continue to stream to PBBans as well. These are on top of the Punkbuster and Fairfight. All 4 of these monitor our server 24/7. In addition to these we have several live admins some with more years gaming than many that play here have been alive. If you still think someone is cheating by all means turn them in through battlelog. Here is a good how do this at this link

Today we are a rebuilt clan with great guys that play the game together and enjoy hanging out together. We all come here to relax and enjoy some honest, trustworthy, cheat free gaming and I hope our efforts to provide that are evident. We plan to be here for many years to come and greatly appreciate the communities support.

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