GTX780 took a dump

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08.06.2017, 21:58
offline gunnesch
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My graphics card bit it tonight. A little bit of smoke was let out but I am not going to fry it all off the way because our smells so bad. I ordered a GTX 1060 6GB to replace it. Fun Fun!

09.06.2017, 01:06
offline agoldswo
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It was probably the team balancer's fault.
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09.06.2017, 13:37
offline gunnesch
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The 1060 is in and works fine, but my H100i has now taken a dump. I guess a 3 year old gaming rig pushed a little hard gets some issues cropping up. The pump is grinding like crazy and the fan controller shit itself. Luckily the older products have a 5 year warranty, but I'm not waiting for the RMA and ordered up an H100i v2. I'll sell the H100i RMA when it gets here. Oh, and I broke a blade off of the case fan like a moron. That's one hell of a fan Corsair put in this thing, but I needed to swap it out anyways as it slightly interferes with the radiator hose attachment. So now I'll do it right and get a smaller fan and not pinch the hose...

09.06.2017, 22:00
offline Dementor

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agoldswo wrote:

It was probably the team balancer's fault.

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